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Simple tricks to keep our drains clog free

Drains play an important part in keeping our house clean. It lets all the surplus liquid or liquid waste to flow out from the household. It definitely plays a huge role in maintaining hygiene in our houses. A home without proper drainage is the hub of several diseases. Clogging of drains is one of the most common reason for improper drainage. Contaminated water can lead to a number of illnesses, few being diarrhea, cholera, worm disease, typhoid and dysentery. Thus, one must be very particular about the drainage system in one’s house.

There are several ways to avoid clogging of drains. Some of the most beneficial ways to avoid clogging are mentioned below:

  • Mesh screens: Always place mesh screens all over your drains specially bathtub, shower drains and the drains in the kitchen. This prevents hair, food particles or other kinds of wastes to pass through them which in turn stops clogging.
  • Wash pets outside: Wash pets outside if the weather is warm enough. If not bring them indoors but place a cloth over the shower drain to retain excess hair. This definitely helps in keeping the drains clean. Even using a washtub instead of the bathtub is also an ideal way to restrain clogging.
  • Educate the children: Children often don’t realize the importance of proper drainage and often are responsible for the clogging of drains. Thus, we must take the initiative to teach our children the importance of drainage. We must also discuss with them the advantages and disadvantages of drainage. We must ask them to do their share of work in maintaining proper and healthy drainage.
  • Use a quality plunger: We must get a quality plunger or an auger (also known as a drain snake) and use them on a regular basis. Sometimes, clogs are just unavoidable, so we must always be ready with a suitable precaution. It’s a complete lifesaver and also saves money by handling small clogs all by itself.
  • Baking soda: Baking soda is a very powerful cleaning agent. This can be used to clean the drains every other day. It also absorbs the foul smell and leaves the drains to smell wonderful. It is also very cheap means to keep our drains clean.
  • Keep away from greasy substances: One must not dispose of cooking oil or any other greasy substances into the drains. This does no good but only increases the chances of the formation of clogs. It can be accumulated in a coffee cup or a container and then disposed away in the trash.
  • Utilizing the correct form of bacteria: Often, bacteria do no good to the drains and only promotes clogging. Thank God there’s a kind of bacteria which restrains clogging. These bacteria break down the organic matter and consume them. This is also noncorrosive, so it does no harm to the pipes. It also does not interfere with the septic system. It is usually available in packages and one package lasts for several months. It is available easily in any hardware store.
  • Look what you flush: One can’t just simply flush anything. Human waste and toilet papers are the only things which can be flushed. Anything other than this if flushed increases chances of clogging. Even flush able wipes and women’s products are not meant to be flushed.
  • Rinse thoroughly with cold water: Once we are done with our work in the kitchen we should rinse the basin thoroughly with cold water. It prevents food particles from sticking to the pipes. This retains the accumulation of food particles which could otherwise lead to the formation of clogs.
  • Brush your hair before bathing: One must brush their hair immediately before bathing. This helps in letting the majority of loose hair go before bathing. Thus, it reduces the chances of clogging due to excess hair around the sink.


Keeping our drains clean is completely our job. Cleaning drains promotes more healthy and hygienic lifestyle. Also maintaining our drains is quite simple and cheap. Hope, my tips were helpful for the readers.




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